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Beautiful Traditions

These wallpapers are ideal for anyone who wants to capture that rustic, homely feel of bygone days, complete with soaped floorboards, freshly picked meadow flowers and evening light pouring in through delicate lace curtains. Beautiful Traditions is a bright, romantic, decorative collection that showcases completely new patterns inspired by Swedish country life in cottages and manor houses alike. The wallpapers follow a naturalistic colour scheme and feature everything from delicate light-grey patterns to shimmering gold flourishes and grandiose florals. All of the patterns are named after different Swedish female personalities who have each made their own mark on history. Capture your own time. Decorate with a rustic, homely feel. 

Picture of Karin - 6728 Picture of Karin - 6728


478 DKK 335 DKK

Picture of Karin - 6726 Picture of Karin - 6726


478 DKK 239 DKK