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Toilet Wallpaper

Are you eager to redecorate the 'small' room and looking for inspiration with toilet wallpaper? Here we have collected lots of appealing and quirky wallpapers for the toilet and bathroom. Choose between different colours, styles and patterns to paper the toilet with. 

Choosing wallpaper for the toilet

The guest toilet or downstairs loo wallpaper does not have to be boring; it is a great opportunity to decorate 'outside the box'. Goodbye boring tiles, and hello, beautiful wallcoverings for the small room. You can decorate to complement the house decor, or you could go for something completely different. Be bold or subtle, go glamorous or try quirky wallpaper for the toilet; you can be as creative as you want. We can help you create a unique and cool atmosphere. Check out our downstairs toilet wallpaper in many different themes, from the animal kingdom to botany, industrial, and geometric patterns. When browsing toilet wallpaper - keep in mind that most wallcoverings are not suitable for wet rooms. We therefore strongly recommend only wallpapering a bathroom where you do not have a bath or shower, like the guest toilet or downstairs loo.

Buy downstairs toilet wallpaper online

With us, you will find lots of choices for downstairs toilet wallpapers from well-known brands. You will find everything from trendy, traditional, retro and many more different styles, colours and patterns. You will easily find the paper that best fits your particular toilet. If you need guidance or help in your choice of wallpaper or have any questions, please contact us, and we will help you create your dream home.

Karolina - 043-02

Anbefalet pris: 592 DKK

Lovisa - 040-01

Anbefalet pris: 592 DKK

Gustaf - 039-02

Anbefalet pris: 449 DKK

Löväng - 089-04

Anbefalet pris: 539 DKK

Löväng - 089-03

Anbefalet pris: 539 DKK

Bluebell - FD25713

Anbefalet pris: 528 DKK

PIP 2014 - 341083

Anbefalet pris: 907 DKK

Larina Sky - DCOA216578

Anbefalet pris: 536 DKK

History of Art - 37652-1

Anbefalet pris: 389 DKK

Kjellbergska gården - 088-02

Anbefalet pris: 539 DKK

Bluebell - FD25712

Anbefalet pris: 528 DKK

Farthing Wood Silver - 216612

Anbefalet pris: 695 DKK

Bayou Aqua - 216293

Anbefalet pris: 616 DKK

Vårdsätra - 093-02

Anbefalet pris: 539 DKK

History of Art - 37656-9

Anbefalet pris: 312 DKK

Josette Rose/Sage - 214063

Anbefalet pris: 853 DKK

PIP 2016 - 375043

Anbefalet pris: 752 DKK

History of Art - 37651-3

Anbefalet pris: 389 DKK

Maui Maui - TP80810

Anbefalet pris: 584 DKK

Maui Maui - TP80300

Anbefalet pris: 584 DKK

Bluebell - FD25711

Anbefalet pris: 528 DKK